Gaggenau China Rendez-Vous – 嘉格纳海天盛筵2017

Gaggenau, as a top luxury kitchen brand, brings together domestic and international top stars, private chefs, bartenders, and Gaggenau users and agents to gather on the seashore of Sanya and Dalian each year to enjoy delicious live cooking food … …

Gaggenau Events-Feast in the field麦田里的盛筵

Gaggenah will hold a private event in this wheat field in Shenzhen. He invited the Chinese cooking master and gourmet food designer Mr. Sun Zhaoguo to design and manage the product. With the precise control of the kitchen appliance of Jaganna, the theme of solar terms will present the beauty of the season.. …

Visa Mobile Conference移动数据大会

The design task of this event is to design a booth in a space of 70 square meters, stand out among many big brands, so that the opponent’s space of 200 square meters should not be too conspicuous! … …

Bosch POP-UP Store 欢乐颂快闪店


Bosch Appliances kitchens in 12 cities across the country in 2017, landing Andy’s kitchen in the TV drama  Ode to Joy  in various cities.