Visa Mobile Conference绉诲姩鏁版嵁澶т細

Visa Mobile Conference Jessica 2017

As one of the world’s largest payment technology companies, Visa will showcase innovative payment capabilities based on the Visa Developer Platform and collaborative innovations for the Internet of Things, and a series of interactive innovations centering on the consumer experience. Digital payment application. In this event, Visa needed an innovative and profound display platform to show more customers the technical results of future payments.

The design task of this event is to design a booth in a space of 70 square meters, stand out among many big brands, so that the opponent鈥檚 space of 200 square meters should not be too conspicuous!

Solution: We propose to design a two-story tower and use the interactive dialog to create creative elements.

浣滀负鍏ㄧ悆鏈澶х殑鏀粯鎶鏈叕鍙镐箣涓锛孷isa灏嗗睍绀哄熀浜嶸isa寮鍙戣呭钩鍙拌鍒掞紙Visa Developer Platform锛夌殑鍒涙柊鏀粯鑳藉姏鍙婇潰鍚戠墿鑱旂綉鐨勫悎浣滃垱鏂版垚鏋滐紝鏆ㄤ互娑堣垂鑰呬綋楠屼负鏍稿績鐨勪竴绯诲垪浜や簰寮忓垱鏂版暟瀛楁敮浠樺簲鐢ㄣ傚湪鏈娲诲姩涓璙isa闇瑕佷竴涓叿鏈夊垱鏂颁笖鍏锋湁娣辨剰鐨勫睍绀哄钩鍙板悜鏇村鐨勫鎴峰睍绀烘湁鍏虫湭鏉ユ敮浠樼殑鎶鏈垚鏋溿




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