Siemens Campaign KV 瑗块棬瀛愬鐢佃瑙夊垱鎰

Campaign KV Created by Onlyzhu

Siemens seldom sponsors the Youth Olympic Games. However, client wants to take use of this hot events. Since the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Nanjing, the client鈥檚 headquarters, so the creative agency was briefed to not necessary to use the elements of the Olympics directly but it is necessary to use sporty style creation to interpret the brand and transform the function of the product . When Loftooo received the task, we believed that the creativity must distinguish the Olympic Games. Because the Youth Olympic Games participators will be younger, then what kind of sports will be combined with the youth? We have thought about the games we played in childhood, such as skipping, rolling wheels, flying saucers, yo-yos, origami airplanes, etc. to combine sports movements. Finally, we successfully completed the creativity and shooting and synthesis and retouch for final artwork.

鍒涙剰锛歄nly Zhu

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